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Lia & Jordan

Updated: May 30, 2019

My husband and I couldn’t have picked a better pre-school for our son and daughter. The teachers are amazing! Always going above and beyond. They made the transition for both kids–being home all day with mommy to getting in a classroom environment–so much easier.

Can’t thank my parents enough in choosing Brick House for my first learning experience. Not only did the teachers insert the right tools in my mind for me to move forward, but created long lasting friendships with classmates that are still strong today. ~ Jordan, 16

We absolutely loved the smaller classroom sizes. We are so grateful for these teachers instilling the love of knowledge in our two children.

Loved both my teachers at Brick House School. Made learning so fun! I can still remember fun songs we used to sing. I never wanted to leave that place. ~ Lia, 10

My son, now 16, and my daughter, now 10, still talks about fond memories in the Green, Blue and Red Rooms. Forever friendships are made here at Brick House School, for both the kids and parents!

~ Nancy, Lia & Jordan's Mom

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